Christmas Bird Count 2015

The Vermilion River Naturalist Society’s annual Christmas Bird Count (CBC) is set for Saturday, December 19th.

We hope to get many field counters and feeder observers for the day. The count takes place within a 12 km radius of Vermilion, and our field counters cover four quadrants: outside of Vermilion, in Town, the Provincial Park, the College grounds and the River Valley (numbers permitting).

Field counters drive as many roads as possible, and try to visit farm yards, building sites, and other areas where birds may be found. Feeder counts are very important for the day — many unusual species are found at feeders. If you aren’t able to join us in the field, you can use the data sheet for recording feeder/field observations. You can find our Christmas Bird Count tally sheet here.

If you know anyone interested in joining the count, please pass copies of the data sheets to anyone with a bird feeder. At the end of the day, please send feeder watch results by email (vermilionnaturalistsociety AT gmail DOT com). Please include the numbers, time observed, and a phone number for follow-up.

We are having our traditional potluck supper at the end of the count day, where we enjoy a wonderful meal and share tales of the day by a warm fire. We’ll pool our data as we socialize, and with luck have a species total and preliminary count numbers before the evening is over. For address details etc., email us or leave a comment below, and we’ll get back to you with the particulars.

This year, we’ll put our field teams together by email. Please reply noting which quadrant suits you best, or if you want to join one of the regular teams. The quadrants for the field teams are listed below. Please let me know where you would like to be birding. There can never be too many counters in one quadrant, but we try to place an experienced birder on each team. In fact, with the short days in December, it is a scramble to cover all the roads and farms in a quadrant. So, if you want to join in we can really use the help (even a couple of hours), and young enthusiasts are most welcome!

SW Quadrant –
SE Quadrant –
NE Quadrant –
NW Quadrant –
Town/College/Reservoir –
Provincial Park –

Please let the Naturalist Society know which quadrant you would like or if you have any questions. You can email us at vermilionnaturalistsociety AT gmail DOT com

We hope to see you there!


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